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November 16 - November 22


Regarding the story Boise's newest arts collective (BW, Arts, November 15), the students who made the paintings are actually Kindergarten through first grade students. The actual paintings will not be displayed but will be copied and etched into the building's windows.

It was in incorrectly stated in one of Pacific Subs reviews (BW, Food Reviews, November 15) that sandwich sizes and prices are not included on the menu. Both are clearly shown on the menu board, take home menus and on their Web-site at www.pacificsubs.com. See for yourself.

plea for turkeys

This Thanksgiving, President Bush will pardon a turkey as a promotional gimmick for the turkey industry. This Thanksgiving, each of us has the same power to pardon a turkey, but as an act of kindness, compassion, and giving thanks for life, health and happiness. The 300 million turkeys abused and slaughtered in the U.S. each year have nothing to give thanks for. They breathe toxic fumes in crowded sheds. Their beaks and toes are severed. At the slaughter-house, workers cut their throats, and dump them into boiling water, sometimes still conscious.

The turkeys do get their revenge. Their flesh is laced with cholesterol and saturated fats that elevate the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Careful adherence to government warning labels is required to avoid food poisoning. Any day now, they will be bringing us bird flu.

This Thanksgiving, I won't be reading the warning labels or calling the Poultry Hot Line. I won't be staying awake at night wondering how that turkey lived and died. I will be joining millions of other Americans in observing this joyful family holiday with nonviolent delicious products of the harvest: vegetables, fruits, and grains.

My holiday meal may include a mock "turkey" made from soy, lentil or nut roast, stuffed squash, corn chowder or chestnut soup, candied yams, cranberry sauce, pumpkin or pecan pie, and carrot cake. An Internet search on Vegetarian Thanksgiving will provide more mail-order items and recipes than I'll ever need.

--Glenn Newkirk,


Hypocrites in Congress

The day after the recent congressional elections, Arizona's Sen. John McCain commented, "We came to Washington to change government (Instead...) government changed us. We departed rather tragically from our conservative principles." No, John, you did nothing of the sort. Instead, you let extremist bullies hijack the Republican Party.

Two years ago, Bush crowed about "values" and "character." I'm sure that there's easily as much corruption among Democrats in Congress and elsewhere as there is among Republicans. The big difference, though, is that the Dems aren't a bunch of pharisaical hypocrites who prate about being the righteous servants of a righteous God, while condemning anyone who isn't four-square behind their gospel of intolerance.

It wasn't scandal and corruption that brought down the Republicans, John. It was the arrogance and hubris of the neo-conservatives. It was Bush's intransigence and bravado disguised as firmness of purpose--his bellicose conviction that as president, he didn't have to "explain (himself)." And in the end, it was the failure of you and the other moderate Republicans to aggressively oppose the bullies in your own party that cost you all of your hard-won power.

It's still about "values" and "character," John. Unfortunately, your comments suggest that you haven't learned that fact.

--Gerry Gentile,


Vets in need

Senator Craig, who is chairman of the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee, stated last month at a hearing that we must presume that all veterans with disabilities can overcome barriers to obtain employment. This remark is made because the Senator and his fellow Republicans are trying to find a way to take disability benefits away from disabled veterans. Veterans who have suffered severe disabilities (60 percent or greater) and cannot obtain or hold gainful employment due to their service-connected disabilities are entitled to individual unemployability by the Veteran Administration. Now, because the government is running out of money due to the unfavorable war in Iraq, the Senate is trying to cut benefits from disabled veterans and other programs. This is completely deplorable. Our veterans need support and should not have to live in fear of having benefits to which they are entitled to be cut by members of Congress or the Senate. I urge you all to contact your congressman and let them know how you feel. Our young men and women need these benefits and we should not let them down. 

--Arthur Scott,


comments from bw website

Cope, since you are appealing to the masses of your reader, by making the Idaho Republican a hick, I will try my hand at satire to make my point. So the whiny little Blues got control of Congress now what are they going to force their social agenda upon the American family. Red? We downt wanta have our suns and dawters dieeee howrific defths in fowan cowntries. We uh think all whould be accepted and their beliefs taught in our schools except the religios right. Oh yes the Democrats have control of the legislative body in D.C., but truly are they just going to spend the next to years pounding their chest and beating the president of the United States up (figuratively speaking) on his policies, or would they actually attempt to fix the problems at hand. I am saddened how many Americans cannot remember was it not just two years ago Bin Laden wanted us to vote for a Democrat for the presidential office. So the statements that were made on the 7th saying I am against George Bush, is it not saying "I am for all those who stand against him." So you party will continue to push morally corrupt values toward my child's education, and you will probably pull America out of Iraq, and in short further complicate the situation. But hey at least the fruits and nuts in San Fran are happy.