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Vote now or forever hold your peace.


If Friday 5 p.m. has come and gone by the time you're getting around to this week's Boise Weekly, then what's done is done. And if you've voted for Best of Boise, you're one of the more than 1,200 people to whom we're sending a Benjamin as a token of our appreciation. If you neglected your civic duty to promote what you love best about this town we all live in, then no Benny for you. If, however, it ain't Friday just yet and you haven't already voted, then skip to it and stop procrastinating. Don't do it because we'll send you a hundo (because we really won't), do it because you, BW readers, are a discerning and informed bunch. (I should know, I get your letters and online comments every week ...) You and I both know that McDonald's does not have the best french fries in the valley, even though another recent "best of" poll conducted in the city bestowed exactly that honor on the worldwide franchise giant.

As always, all voting is online, and for the second year running, we ask that you vote for only the local businesses. Like we always say: We want to know what's best about Boise, not what's best about Boise, Seattle, Schenectady and Miami. In other words, if it's not a locally owned, independent business, fuggetaboutit. To vote, visit boiseweekly.com and click on the wrestler before Friday, Aug. 28, 5 p.m.