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A Sack of Money and Some Best of Boise Voting


I have a pretty standard answer, developed over years of working at Boise Weekly, when someone asks "How are things at BW?" Busy, I say. Busy but good. Lately, I've been getting the question several times a week, and then the next question is usually "But things are OK?" ... emphasis on OK. In other words, people aren't asking how things are for me at BW, they want to know how things are for them. Are they still going to have a BW to read by winter or by this time next year? Although there's little positive news out there in media these days, I'm happy to report back to those who ask, that yeah, we're hanging in there. Sure, it'd would be nice if we showed up one Monday morning and there was a giant bag of money on the doorstep, but we're not banking on it. So for all of you who were wondering but hadn't yet asked, yes, BW will be sticking around a while.

Now that the serious business is out of the way, it's time for the really serious business. Best of Boise voting is well under way. It's the only all-local "best of" polling, which means, readers, if you have some opinions on what's best about Boise and it ain't the fries at McDonald's, then BW's Best of Boise is the place to speak your mind. Log on to boiseweekly.com to place your vote.