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Note: Valley hopping and the video time suck


Valley hopping and the video time suck

Praise be, the word "staycation" has dropped out of common usage. Clever as it may have been, we used that term until it was not only worn out but flat out cringe-inducing. At BW, one good thing came out of those staycation (oops!) days when we were ass deep in a recession that was quickly looking like a depression: the Wood River Valley guide.

Last summer, we published the first eight-page BW guide to the Wood River Valley with the idea of ... ahem, staycations ... in mind. Since Boise is literally miles and miles from the nearest outpost of big-city civilization, we capital city dwellers have two options when it comes to vacation: travel out of state or head for Idaho's hinterlands. Blazing a trail to the Wood River Valley is almost a compromise between the two. Get a dose of the cosmopolitan while simultaneously getting a solid dose of the great outdoors.

This year's guide is a whopping 16 pages of getting around the Wood River Valley, from food to fun to facts. What's even better about this year's guide is that it was written completely by Wood River Valley locals. Geographically compact as they may be, the valley's communities do have well-trod tourist paths. This year's guide tries to nudge you off those paths by letting you in on a few secrets you may not know about.

And if your escape from the daily grind is currently confined to the boundlessness of cyberspace, allow BW to help you fall into the time suck a little easier. Last week, at boiseweekly.com, we launched a new video platform. You need to know three things about what you'll find when you click on the "Video" tab in the nav bar at boiseweekly.com. First, you'll find videos from BW's editorial team, including recent interviews we did with America Ferrera at Flicks and Starfucker at Neurolux. Second, you'll find video culled from all over the Web that either pertains to Boise or is just too good not to share. Third, you can upload and share your own video, whether you've just discovered it on YouTube or shot it and want to share it. Yep, that last part is super rad.