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Note: Third Time is a Charm?


This is the third draft of this week's Editor's Note that I've composed in the last five days. Hopefully, this one makes it on the page. The news was happening as fast as I could write about it this week, and just about every time I thought I had something final for this space, our lawmakers--in their infinite wisdom--did something else that required comment.

My first draft, written late last week, tiptoed around news that had yet to be reported: the nitty gritty of Tom Luna's connections to those who stand to benefit financially from his reforms. Once nearly every media outlet in town had written or aired that story over the weekend, I needed to go back to the drawing table--or writing table, as it were. So did Bill Cope. Rather than using his column this week to report the facts he'd dug up about Luna's ties, he redirected his piece into the commentary you'll see in his column this week.

Take two came courtesy of Congress. News junkie that I am, I was reading headlines at 1 a.m. Saturday morning when I saw clips of California Rep. Jackie Speier's speech about abortion. Fueled by a late-night fury, I composed a Note about the dozens of women I know who are Planned Parenthood patients--many of whom have been patients for years--and none of whom have had an abortion. Once I'd slept on it and had a read over it Monday morning, I realized I was preaching to the choir--you, BW readers, already being the sort who know that Planned Parenthood provides so many more services to millions of women than just abortions.

So here we are. Take three. And in the short span of time from when I've written these words to when this edition hits stands, it's possible that Luna's reforms will have already been put to vote. It's possible that Libya will have seen Moammar Gadhafi makes his exit after 42 years of rule. And it's possible that perhaps there will have been an end to the protests in Bahrain. At boiseweekly.com and in next week's edition, we'll report any updates on education reforms in Idaho. And in next week's main feature, we'll take a broadview of world news with a story that looks at news in the Middle East from our world news provider GlobalPost. Until then, as always, check boiseweekly.com for updates all day, every day.