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Note: Summer, Are We There Yet?


Now that working on your tan is universally frowned upon, it's time to find something else to do with all those hours you had planned baking in your back yard this summer. We have a few ideas.

In last year's Summer Guide, we put water guns under serious scientific scrutiny to find the one toy that performed more like a water delivery weapon system than a mere child's plaything. (It was the Stream Machine Hydrobolic Water Launcher in case you're in the market for such a piece of equipment.) But all play and no work makes Jack a lazy bastard. So, after the novelty of soaking everything in sight has worn off, we recommend finding something productive to do with all those long daylight hours.

The main feature, "Summer Givin'" on Page 15, starts off with the do-good, pay-it-forward kind of serious business that will help you bank a few karma points. Volunteer options are all over the city in a variety of fields from the cool confines of the Library! to the hot, smelly stalls of Zoo Boise. We've put together a list that's by no means comprehensive but is still a decent smattering of stuff you can do for free that might give you the warm and fuzzies.

But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so once you get beyond the main feature, you'll find a few to-do lists that are all about the more entertaining side of life. In Food, we give you a list of hidden patios on which you can chill out, sip a beer and hide away from the hubbub of the want-to-be-seen crowd. In Noise, we deliver a list of outdoor concerts. And in Arts, we offer a list of community ed classes to help you express your creative side. The whole issue is one giant to-do list. Don't let your honey get a hold of it and adulterate your beer-drinking list with yard chores. (And if that does happen, refer to the first graph above and cite melanoma; however, be sure not to reference this week's Citizen interview on Page 14, where BW chats up Patty Nelson, who is rather fond of romping around--exposed--in the outdoors.)

Now, if we can coax the weather out of the 50s, maybe we can get this summer started.