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Note: Spring Dreaming

The earliest signs of a season change has us looking ahead


If winter were a baseball game, the warm days last weekend would have been the seventh inning stretch, a time to venture outside without the parka, take a long run and drive without first defrosting and scraping the windshield. Now it's time to hunker back down and let winter sputter out over the coming weeks. Personally, I'm ready for longer, hotter days. After reading Andrew Mentzer's Play on single track on Page 28, I couldn't help but wish the dry Idaho summer was just a little closer than it is.

But first, it sounds like we're in for some icky weather. And according to George Prentice's story on Page 9, it looks like that wet weather may swell the rivers just enough to make a few homeowners slightly uncomfortable. If you don't have flood insurance and you live in a place you might need it, it sounds like now is a good time to get a quote.

Embedded into Prentice's story, you'll see another one of those QR codes I talked about in this space last week. If you missed it, here's the short version: download a QR code scanner on your smart phone, scan the code and it will take you to additional content related to that story. In this case, it's a video report that accompanies "Water Rising," and on Page 4, the codes take you directly to the recommended online stories that you may have missed at boiseweekly.com over the last week.

Here at BWHQ we're just about to come out of a hibernation of sorts ourselves. Just as spring climbs out of the cave it's been hiding in, we'll start rolling out special issues rapid fire, starting with our annual Restaurant Guide next month, followed by Bar Bar, the third edition of our annual guide to boozing it up in the valley. And we're already working on that monster called Annual Manual. Have some must-cover ideas for the guide to life as we know it in the Treasure Valley? Drop me a line.