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Note: Somewhere along the way, I learned not to take myself too seriously. At least not all the time.


But for now, let's start with the serious business: News of what's happening behind the closed doors at BWHQ. This week, we welcome a new sales staffer to head up what's been a headless department at BW for more than a year. Lisa Ware has joined the Boise Weekly crew as ad director, filling the longtime vacancy and rounding out the paper's management team.

The not-so-serious business comes courtesy of this week's main feature. With a string of serious feature stories slated in the coming weeks, we decided to loosen our tie a bit (metaphorically speaking, of course, since the first rule of the alt newspaper business is "no neckties" because that would mean suits and suits are a definite no-no) and shed a most ridiculous light on some of the really serious stuff we cover regularly. As you read through the choose-your-own-adventure story on Pages 12-13, please remember that we made up every word on the page. Any resemblance to the people or events contained therein is absolutely nothing more than coincidence colliding with the twisted hand of fate. I mean, that is, if the presence of velociraptors didn't tip you off first.

And while none of the members of Built to Spill were harmed in the making of this week's feature story, it occurs to me that a number of cows were fatally harmed in the making of this week's issue.

From the Hoffburger empire (Page 13) to this week's Big Bird's Burgers food review (Page 24) to Food News all about Chadder's (Page 24), the old "Be-Dub" is a bit ground beef-special sauce-lettuce-tomato-onion obsessed this week. Apologies in advance to the herbivore-only readers out there. Apologies also to the meat-eaters, who may find themselves unusually hungry working their way through this edition of Boise Weekly.