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Note: Oh, How Boring It Would Be If We All Just Got Along


It's been a rough week in the comments sections at boiseweekly.com.

As expected, readers have something to say about Bill Cope's column on right-wing violence and Rep. Raul Labrador's comments on Meet the Press in the wake of the Tucson, Ariz., shootings. And those extremes are--as Labrador pointed out--on both sides: "Bill Cope at his unhinged worst," and, "The right wingnuts and their NRA bosses are leading us toward a country that will look a lot like Somalia."

In News, the big discussion of the week happened at Citydesk on several posts about the firing of longtime Boise Co-op manager Ken Kavanaugh. You'll find more of that story in News on Page 9, but some of the most interesting discussion--thanks to the guise of anonymity--is happening in the comments section of the online stories.

Also popular online last week was a story about a Walgreens pharmacy worker in Nampa who refused to fill a prescription for a drug that stops uterine bleeding, then hung up on the Planned Parenthood worker who was requesting to fill it. (That last one comes courtesy of your lawmakers who not only passed the Freedom of Conscience Act, which favors workers' values over those of patients, but who apparently wrote it so badly that even those who the law favors don't understand where their new rights begin and end.) More on that story on Page 8 this week.

The award for the most civil interaction goes to commenters Jean Calomeni and karcreat2 for their discussion about multiple full-page ads for Camel Snus in recent editions of Boise Weekly. In Mail last week, Calomeni wrote that she was "shocked and surprised" that an alternative paper claiming to promote the well being of the community would accept money from big tobacco. Regular commenter karcreat2 fired back by pointing out that ads don't force readers to buy anything. I'm oversimplifying the interaction here, but long story short: what started as a potentially ugly interaction (karcreat2 recommended that Calomeni stick with ad-less coloring books in the future) ended quite civilly in compliments. At least as of press time.

Finally, congrats to Corey Barbour, who won the On Point Bend Winterfest prize package trip to Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Ore., with his Frosty Goes to Hollywood submission "Happy Timez." Read more about it on Page 25.