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Note October 15, 2008


In a department of only six full-timers, it's inevitable that sometimes, one of us has to cover a story we're not entirely enthusiastic about writing. We do it knowing that it's a story our readers will appreciate, knowing that it's an event people will enjoy. Other times, we really, really mean it when we say something is a "must-do."

This week, I had the pleasure of writing about an upcoming concert I wish every BW reader would take the opportunity to see: Boise Philharmonic and soloist Alpin Hong. I saw the pianist perform with the Phil last year and have been eagerly awaiting his return. If you happen to scan over my story on page 30, know that I sincerely endorse spending your Friday or Saturday night with Hong and the symphony.

A&E Editor Amy Atkins has one of those stories, too, this week. After seeing Frozen River last weekend, Atkins told me it's one of those movies that "if you see nothing else this year, this is the one to see." Atkins was also able to sit down with both of the film's starring actresses and said she'll be surprised if Oscar doesn't nod in their direction. Read page 31 for the full story.

—Rachael Daigle