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Note November 12, 2008


Not everyone loved last week's cover of Boise Weekly. The Political World as seen from Boise, Idaho ruffled more than its share of feathers with satiric depictions of politicians and jabs at Boise's neighborhoods. Some readers criticized us for being insensitive to a historic moment in our country's history. Others took issue with what they saw as a number of insults. But for as many complaints as we fielded about the cover, we also took a fair number of compliments about it, too.

Regardless of who loved it, who hated it and why, our collective response when issues like this crop up is "bring it." An opinion is something to which each of you have a right to. We respect it, and we want to hear it. Generally, the BW attitude to reader response is: "At least we're producing some kind of reaction."

One of Chicago's alt weeklies found itself in a similar situation last week. After publishing an unpopular cover featuring a portrait of Barack Obama and a banner that read "Don't Screw This Up," the paper reminded its readers that "no matter how jubilant some of us may feel about [Obama's] election, the media's role isn't to cheerlead for elected officials."

And you can expect BW to keep that in mind next year, as President-elect Barack Obama takes office. Obama's election as president may be of historic significance, but that does not remove him from the same scrutiny his predecessors have faced.

But enough of the serious talk. This Wednesday, Nov. 12, join us at 5 p.m. for the annual Boise Weekly Cover Auction at the Idaho State Historical Museum as we auction off the last year's worth of BW covers. Proceeds fund BW's private arts grants for organizations with an arts-minded mission.

Also on the BW horizon are the deadlines for our annual Bad Cartoon and Fiction 101 contests. Deadlines are early this year, with entries for both contests due in our office Wednesday, Nov. 19. Bad Cartoon does not have an entry fee, but Fiction 101 is $10 per entry. Have questions? Call us at 208-344-2055.

—Rachael Daigle