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Note: My Honey-Do List Ain't From My Honey


Some weeks, the 400 words that fill this space practically write themselves. Some weeks, I stare down the pool of white space, and while I always win, it's not always pretty. And in weeks like this last one, it seems as though everyone has something they'd like me to say in Note. I have a laundry list of messages that I, as the official messenger of BW, have been asked to deliver. Scrawled in the margins of my day planner and on neon-orange Stickies on my desk are barely legible reminders that read "Tom," "sections," "guru," "food/restaurant." These are all things I've been asked to address in the now 300 words that follow. Please do forgive the "listiness" of what's to come:

• "Tom": Tom Tomorrow is not dead. As evidenced on Page 4, This Modern World is alive and kicking and is once again in BW. Regarding its recent absence, our only excuse is that with a smaller page count, we had to choose between Tomorrow and Mike Flinn's Mondo Gaga, and faced with the choice, we went local. Don't worry, if we nix a cartoon or a section permanently, you'll read about it here.

• "Sections": Noise, Arts and Rec, too, are alive and kicking. Don't worry, if we nix a cartoon or a section permanently, you'll read about it here.

• "Guru": Thanks to the crowd of you who threw your name and resume into consideration to be BW's calendar guru. We have found a fearless master of all things event-related and he hails from the fair city of Portland, Ore., most recently. Josh Gross is editorial's new guy, and since he's just getting the lay of the city, I'd suggest you drop him a line if you have events that regularly need attention. You can reach Gross at josh@boiseweekly.com.

• "Food/Restaurant": And finally ... allow me to introduce the shiny new object, which has hopefully already distracted you, in this week's edition. It's called--appropriately--the Restaurant Guide, and we've launched this inaugural issue in tandem with our annual Food Issue. In this week's main feature, longtime food writer Jennifer Hernandez explores the crowded waters of food blogging, and in the Restaurant Guide, Hernandez takes a look at chef/producer collaborations happening throughout southern Idaho. Take my advice, sit down with this week's issue over a plate of food because if you're not hungry now, you will be by the time this issue gets through with you.