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Note: Mind All the Business


Just after Business Editor Zach Hagadone took his post at BW, a few staffers and myself sat around the newsroom and tossed out ideas on what to call our new monthly business section.

We struggled with a name, and the more we struggled, the larger lead the humorous, though ultimately inappropriate, "None-Ya Business" began to take. As you'll see when you turn to Page 21, "None-Ya Business" got the boot along with all the other bad ideas, and we went simply with "Business."

As tempting as the humor might have been, "None-Ya" implied exactly the opposite of our mission in this new section, which is to make business news your business. It's not business news for the business industry. It's business news for the bus driver, techie, stay-at-home mom, blogger, bank teller, flight attendant, trash collector, butcher, baker and candlestick maker. And, yes, the small business owner.

"Business" is where you'll find trend- and issue-based reporting written with Boise Weekly's audience in mind. In this month's edition, you'll read a hyperlocal take on the rise of for-profit colleges in Boise that examines whether the degree is worth its cost, a cost that is often funded in part by federal dollars. Also taking center stage in this first edition of Business is the tech industry. From venture capitalism in the cleantech startup scene to the rise of tech incubators, sandboxes and accelerators, Hagadone pries open an industry that many believe is Idaho's best hope for economic recovery. Sorry, governor, but it's not animal husbandry.

Send your thoughts, letters and tips on the new section to editor@boiseweekly.com, and while you're at it, log on to Electionland, BW's online voting guide created by the people, for the people. At Electionland, you can get primed for the primaries by asking any candidate any question in the contested state and Ada County races. Then we'll do our best to get them to answer. Exercise your right to ask tough questions at electionland.boiseweekly.com.