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Note March 4, 2009


Sometimes the paper just isn't big enough to print all the good stuff we get in from our roving writers. It's been an especially annoying problem lately as we've watched our page numbers hover around a mere 40 week after week, but I've already covered that ground in Note again and again, so let's move on. We've added a new writer to the lineup who I think is going to lob a serious dose of sass into what we do here every week with his man-on-the-street approach and, thus far, seemingly boundless energy. Jon Metz did a quick phoner with Kottonmouth King's Daddy X last week and unless you're surfing BW online, you might have missed it. This week, he reports back from his misadventures at the Treasure Valley Rollergirls' last bout, which you can find online in Rec, as well as at Gusto, where he chatted up the skate night crowd (find this one online under Noise). Metz's style is a might bit irreverent, but it sure is funny and it brings back something I think BW has been missing for a while: attitude.

Last but not least—and I've said this a lot lately, too—the new Boise Weekly Web site is within weeks of its launch. Yes, it will be much faster. Yes, it will look much cooler. And, yes, there will be plenty to read online that you won't find in the paper.

—Rachael Daigle