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Note March 11, 2009


Tackling the main feature is a serious undertaking for the writer lucky enough to get stuck with the task. A few weeks back, while apparently suffering from a serious case of over-ambitiousness, I volunteered to write the annual food feature. What I thought I was going to write about and where I ended up in "An Isolated Idaho," in hindsight, are two very different things.

I thought I was going to exploit a wacky isolated Idaho scenario to explore how to live off the land. What I realized was that the time has come to really start assessing how we feed ourselves for myriad reasons and to start talking about how to do it better.

If you're holding the hard-copy version of the paper this week, I'd encourage you to also take a spin through boiseweekly.com, where I've posted a few supplemental tables and interviews as companions to "An Isolated Idaho." You'll also find links to more information, as well as PDFs of some of the primary source material I used in my research. Ah, the symbiosis of BW in print and BW online ... it's the way of the future.

—Rachael Daigle