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Note January 7, 2009


Take a minute to flip to the very last page in this wee little weekly. From cover to cover this week, this BW is but a mere 28 pages. Regular readers may not know just how many pages make up a typical BW, but I'm sure you can feel the difference once you get a copy in your paws. Many of you have worked out the simple math on your own: Fewer pages mean less editorial content. We'd simply have to defy a few natural laws in order to shoehorn all of the usual content into a paper this slim. Trust me, it's not easy trying to decide which sections and stories get the ax each week. In fact, it's a discussion that's happening industry wide as alternative weeklies across the country deal with the reality of dropping page counts. Some of those papers have opted to cut the lengthy main feature, others have lobbed off their regular columns.

At BW, we're taking a different approach. You'll always see a main feature and a news section. We will not cut political columnists. What you may notice is a leaner calendar section and the rotating absence of A&E sections. You may notice fewer Rec and Dining listings, and several weeks may go by without Play or Food News.

But, it's a brave new online world, and you can find all of our listings at boiseweekly.com. As for some sections taking a hiatus, be patient with us. Soon enough we'll be back at full capacity.

—Rachael Daigle