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Note: If Only Someone Would Censor Bieber Coverage


We tackle a couple of annual happenings in this edition of Boise Weekly.

Project Censored, the big enchilada as far as stories go this week, is a report we've run annually since I've been steering this boat. In the past, other BW editors have, for various reasons, opted out of the piece, which is offered to alternative papers throughout the country. I like to run it for one simple reason: It's a starting point for readers who want to delve more deeply into alternative stories they may have yet to come across. Though some of the stories Project Censored has highlighted in recent years--chemtrails, anyone?--are earning it a few disapproving glances, by and large, the stuff coming out of the roundup is still quality journalism that unfortunately missed its 15 minutes of fame so that, for example, the MSM could dedicate more time and energy on Palin, Weiner, Knox, Christie, Bieber ...

A few pages beyond Project Censored, right smack in the center of the paper this week so that you can easily pull it out, fold it up and cram it into your back pocket, is an advertorial about BOSCO. I don't typically draw attention to ads in my editor's note, but if there is an exception, this is a good one. This weekend, about 30 artists will open their studios to the public as part of BOSCO's Open Studios Weekend. For those of you into supporting local artists--and based on the attendance numbers at our annual Cover Auction, hundreds of you are--this weekend is kind of a big deal. Find all the info you need in the center four pages of this edition or see the blurb on Page 16.

And art enthusiasts, don't forget: The BW Cover Auction cometh Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the Linen Building.