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Note: Ghosts of BW Past and Present


On more than one occasion I've used this space to defend a writer. And in the two years I've been editor of Boise Weekly, there's one writer I've had to defend here more than any other. From Nazi sympathizers to tea baggers to burgers for Jesus, Nathaniel Hoffman has spent the last two years as BW's news editor pushing the boundaries a bit further than some readers can handle. A short list of the things he's been called by readers includes a biased douche, phobic, bitter, tacky, libelous, defamatory, hateful, abusive, an unabashed Democrat/Statist propagandist, an idiot and most recently, someone accused him of having his head fully wired into the propaganda machine. But Hoffman has thick enough skin to take all that in stride and turn around the next week with a set of stories that kicks up the dust all over again.

And this will be the last issue in which Hoffman has an editorial hand.

He's moving on to do what many writers from Boise Weekly move on to do: write a book. For those of you who love to hate Hoffman's work, it should be no surprise that he'll be tackling immigration in his next project. We wish him luck and hope to see the occasional byline from him in the future.

Speaking of returning bylines from staffers who were equally insightful and inciting during their time at Boise Weekly, this week's main feature is from former Editor/BW owner Bingo Barnes. In "The Martini is Dead, Long Live the Martini," Barnes examines the rise and fall and rise again of the timeless drink just as May Martini Month, the latest incarnation of the Martini Mix-Off, has ended with a whimper.

In completely different news: One of the year's biggest Boise Weekly contests is coming up. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 30. That's the final day (by 5 p.m., mind you) that we will accept submissions for BW's annual Black and White Photo Contest. Submissions are currently being accepted. For details on size and entry fees, see Arts News on Page 32.