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Note: Doing our part for democracy one bloody mary at a time.


Back in the old days, we'd sit back on our haunches and act like we knew everything. Where to eat? We got the goods. Where to shop? Yep, got that, too. Which movies were worth two hours of your time and which ones sucked? Sure.

These days, thanks to web 2.0, it's as if we know nothing. And we kinda dig it that way. These days we turn to you again and again to ask for your input, and we see it like this: If you don't vote, you shouldn't whine.

So when that divey restaurant you hate because the last time you ate there you found a hair in your food, which wasn't actually your food because the waitress screwed up and brought you the wrong thing but you'd waited so long for your food you ate it anyway, wins Best Restaurant in the annual Best of Boise contest, we'll kindly thank you not to bitch if you didn't vote. That's right, I said Best of Boise. And here at BW, we mean what we say: Best of Boise. No chains. No big-box stores. No franchises. No bullshit.

Yeah, we've heard all the arguments before: It's all local because local people work there and local people spend their hard-earned money there. Blah, blah, blah. We get it, but we're not having any part of it. All those we disqualify from our locals-only Best of Boise can duke it out for whatever bragging rights they can squeeze outta that other, watered-down, all-valley best-of competition. There's only one Best of Boise poll and as far as we're concerned, those bragging rights belong to only those places who are truly of and about Boise. Amen.

Once you're done with that, take a look at what your fellow BW fans have been up to with their video skills. Twenty-one videos, each less than three minutes and featuring Idaho in some way. There can be only one and it's up to you who that one will be. Go forth and vote.

Understandably, all that voting might work up a healthy thirst. May we recommend a bloody mary? We're in the middle of one bloody fun bloody mary contest. Get all the details at boiseweekly.com. Drink, be merry and then put your well-developed voting skills to the test one more time.

Find it--all of it--at boiseweekly.com.