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Note December 17, 2008


It started in the shower last week. Before I'd even had a cup of coffee, there was Bob, crooning away all nasally, loud and clear in some very awake part of my brain: oh the times they are a changing. Over and over and over. And just that line.

In the newspaper business, that statement is undeniable. With layoffs at newspapers reaching into the thousands, it's a scary time to be in this business. But at BW, we're hunkering down and developing a Web product that's a whole different hot mess than what's happening in these pages.

As traditional newsprint media suffers, online news and social media fill in the gaps. The jury is still out on whether that trend will ultimately be good or not, but for now, social media is definitely the buzz word these days, and journalists are definitely playing the game. It's a wave BW is just dropping into, but a ride we're really starting to enjoy. We're blogging like crazy and Facebooking and Vimeo-ing and Twittering ... Speaking of Twitter, if you're not following us on Twitter, you should be. BW is Boise's most followed media outlet on the micro-blogging network, and we're thinking it's high time for a massive BW tweet-meet.

As for Mr. Dylan haunting my few quiet moments in the day, I figure the more we embrace change, the easier it is. So yes, Bob, times they are a-changing, and we at BW are pretty excited for what's on the horizon.

—Rachael Daigle