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Note: BoB Then, Now and Next Week


In the very first edition of Best of Boise, which published way back in 1994, the winner of the "Best BSU Sports Team" was not the men's football team. Gasp! What could it have possibly been, you ask? Try this: the women's basketball team. You'll have to wait until next week, when the Readers' Choice edition his stands, to find out who won that category--which has evolved into the more inclusive "Best Local Sports Team"--this year.

Two editions of Best of Boise is another big change from those first years of BOB. In fact, this is only the second year we've split the behemoth issue into two editions. This week, you might notice that what was known as the "Editors' Picks" edition for many years is now called "Staff Picks." It's a simple change in words, not in philosophy or approach. And it's an implied editorial staff. Neither the sales team nor their clients have any sway over who gets a Best of Boise Staff Pick seal of approval. And, of course, as everyone knows, Readers' Choice is all up to the readers.

As you thumb through this edition, you may notice some regular content is MIA. For example, columnist Ted Rall, who recently returned home after his trip to Afghanistan, is not printed in this issue, but you can log onto boiseweekly.com for your weekly fix. "This Modern World" will also return next week after taking a little breather. Major content sections--like Noise, Food, Rec, News and Arts--are all on hiatus for the week, but you will find our complete weekly guide to events. Picks, 8 Days Out and the Music Guide are all in print so that we don't leave your social calendar totally high and dry for the week.

Now, to leave you with one more oldie but goodie from years past ...

In 1994, Rich Hazzard, who was a bartender at--get this--Joe's All American Bar and Grill, was voted Best Bartender. Whether you know it or not, that particular category is a pretty heated competition this year, with several of Boise's well-known bartenders trying to de-throne three-time winner Mark Allen at Red Feather Lounge. Will Allen take the title again? Check back next week to find out. And one nine-year winner is in the running for 10 years straight in one category. Oh the suspense. It's killing you, right?