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Note Aug. 8, 2007


We loves us some drop-in traffic here at BW, and we're making it easier to entertain more impromptu guests. I'm pleased to see us adding another reason to drop in with the unveiling of our new public art. The untitled metal sculpture by artist Michael Cordell is now on full display on Sixth Street for all to see and admire. The project was funded by our annual Cover Art Auction.

As we went to press this week, we had another good drop-in traffic type: voters for our annual Best of Boise issue, which we're also prepping. If you don't have Internet access through regular means, come on by the BW mothership here at Sixth and Broad, and we'll set you up on a machine here in the office.

Of course, we do get more, um, lively drop-in traffic; it's a part of life in downtown. Just wait until the benches go up. Nap time!

—Shea Andersen