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Note April 29, 2009


Every week, DVD reviewer Travis Estvold faithfully churns out a pair of critiques on some of the best—and some of the worst—movies released on disc. About a year ago, he pitched us a column idea to replace his snappy reviews and we turned him down. But since we're shaking things up with a new Web site and a redesign of the paper, we figured we might as well see what El Trav can do. Turn to Page 25, and check out "Vidiot," Estvold's new weekly exposition on all things screen.

Also new this week is an innocuous little link on our Web site. Maybe it was the threat of Treasure Valley Weekly Post (and for the record, one last time, Boise Weekly has not been sold), but many people have asked how they can support us. First and foremost, we advise you to support our advertisers. But now, you can also log on to boiseweekly.com and click on "Donate Now." Thanks in advance for your spare change.

—Rachael Daigle