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Note April 22, 2009


I officially kicked off my Boise summer this last weekend, no matter what Mother Nature may have to say about it in the coming weeks. Never having been one to pay much mind to weather forecasters—out of laziness rather than anything else—I've developed a morning routine whereby I open up my front door, coffee in hand, and make my own optimistic guesstimate of how the day will shape up. In the summer, that system serves me well with Boise's predictably predictable weather. This time of year, it's subject to failure; once already I've biked to work in rubber flip-flops only to phone home later that day for a warm ride home.

I don't know if a frost or cool weather is still in our future, but I've moved into summer mode. Last weekend I made my first trip to the Capital City Public Market, locked my bike to a tree, got a cup of Thomas Hammer and worked my way down Eighth Street. Predictably—like the weather—I bought only food: a bottle of viognier from Cinder, lasagna from Cucina di Paolo and a stroopwafel from new vendors A Touch of Dutch. Sunday I put my seeded plants out to harden and put my purchased seedlings into the ground. Then I rode my first trail of the season and between downhills and uphills, considered what to write about in this week's extra long Editor's Note.

This issue's main feature is the second in what some around the office have jokingly been calling the trio of vices. Last week, music; this week, vodka; next week, smoking. Collectively, this second feature was the most fun. A couple Fridays ago, writer Tara Morgan gathered the BW crew in the conference room for a blind tasting of five Idaho vodkas late in the afternoon. We scribbled notes on photocopied forms, cleansed our palates with bread from Le Cafe de Paris and Morgan's homemade hummus and, in the end, requested seconds or thirds of our favorites, dumped it over ice and mixed in a little something to help the medicine go down better. Yep, sometimes a gig at BW ain't half bad at all.

In other BW news, I've unwittingly started delivering extemporaneous sales pitches to various friends and acquaintances. While there is most definitely a wall—literally and metaphorically—between sales and editorial, I do love to pass on word of a bargain and I've found one: the BW Card. Get a card, load it with credit for your favorite restaurant (or, soon to come, entertainment stop) and save as much as 40 percent. In other words, you can pay $30 and get $50 in credit at a participating restaurant. Then with the $20 you saved, head to the Saturday market, pick up a bottle of wine, lasagna and a stroopwafel.

Details at boiseweekly.com.

—Rachael Daigle