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Note April 2, 2008


Oh, you pondering water lawyers. Oh, you fretful ditch committee members. Ach, you fiery xenophobes. I recieved a lot of nervous, tetchy calls last week from various readers of last week's feature, "Filling In The Gaps." Many of you had a serious question about the nature of the valley's latest activist group, MADC, or Mothers Against Drowning Children, the group described in the article whose goal is to fill in the Treasure Valley's canals. More on that later.

Editing this week's story by Rachael Daigle about struggling independent booksellers brought me right back to my own experience as a kid hunting for books in either Waldenbooks or the independent stores I grew up around. Either way, I was determined to find books; the venue didn't bother me so much until later. The success of Rediscovered Books will depend upon that store's ability to funnel good books to readers as insatiable as Daigle and turn them into fans. A recurring theme we're seeing at BW is the declaration by small, independent businesses that they may not have all the advantages of their chain-store competitors but that, gosh darn it, people like them for their superior service. That may be true, and it may get a buyer to return, but not if they can't find what they're after. Read Daigle's story for the answer.

And for the lawyers, ditch riders and California haters, worry not: That story weren't nothing but a hoax. Got to have a little fun 'round here every April first.

—Shea Andersen