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Northern Alliance: Northern Alliance


It seems appropriate that I first listened to this CD in what my friend Dave scornfully calls his "Big F*ing Truck." It was a match, when on a recent excursion in the BFT, I popped in NA's self-titled CD, and heard a bunch of angry young white fellas trying to make a statement, but instead of using a BFT, they'd chosen guitars.

According to lead singer Defiant (yes, that's his name. The other lead singer's name--I'm not making this up-is Threat), Vancouver band NA "want[s] to be the biggest band on the planet." And it's true, these fellas are ready for prime time-or at least mainstream commercial radio. Their well-produced head banging tunes would easily fit into any heavy metal lineup. But what is NA so angry about? What is this statement they're trying to make? Apparently there's a revolution, and NA wants to write its theme song. In "Youth of the Revolution," we hear, "We are the youth of the revolution/These are the colors that we fly/I feel so high." But that's all the detail you'll get from Defiant and Threat. I'm still not sure which revolution they're singing about, what colors they're flying or even what's making them so high. Like the Big F*ing Truck, NA aims to make one statement, but winds up making another. For those who like their music swaggering and predictable, NA can't be beat.