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North Meets West: North End Organic Nursery Moves to West Boise But Keeps 'North' Brand

"The location we're on now is already sold. It was too expensive for us to be here, so we sold it."


Yes, they have designs to move to Boise's West End, but the folks at the North End Organic Nursery say they still want to keep their "North End" brand.

Owner Lindsay Schramm set down NEON's roots in the fall of 2009, and instantly busted the traditional greenhouse business model with seed swaps, salsa festivals, food truck rallies and something called Harvest Pa-Brew-Za. The nursery weathered good times and bad--it survived a particularly nasty squabble in 2011, when United Water officials dug up a good chunk of Hill Road, waylaying a hefty amount of NEON's business (BW, News, "Hell Road," Oct. 5, 2011). But survive it they did; and now Schramm said it's time to pull up stakes.

"We're absolutely moving," she told Boise Weekly. "The location we're on now is already sold. It was too expensive for us to be here, so we sold it."

Indeed, Boise-based KB Financial has plans to build 28 townhomes on the 3.3 acres at 2350 W. Hill Road, meaning NEON needs a new home as well.

"Do you know where the new West End Food Truck Park is [2403 W. Fairview Ave.]? We would be right next door," Schramm told BW. "The old Boise Marine Building sits there, and Urban Ascent is right behind it. We want to renovate the old building, bring it back to life and re-landscape the whole area."

Plans for a new 5,000-square-foot NEON shop would be about four times larger than the existing Hill Road operation.

"We would have less overall land, but much more reusable land," said Schramm.

But a few things remain to be done.

"There are certain requirements that we still need met," Boise city planner Todd Tucker told BW, without going into detail. "A meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission may get pushed back to October."

Schramm said when the city's ready, NEON will be ready.

"We want to start tenant improvements in Fairview in October and move in by January 2015," she said.

And how about that name?

"We wouldn't change our name. North End Organic Nursery has a really loyal following. We would still be in the same zip code [83702]," she said. "Maybe we'll have to incorporate some West End wording into our brand. We might consider renaming ourselves later on, but not initially."