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North Drinkware Mountain Pints and Tumblers


There's perhaps nothing more near and dear to the hearts of Westerners than their neighbors, the mountains. In Idaho, Borah Peak and Bald Mountain, Cache Peak and Devil's Bedstead East are the friends next door. In nearby Oregon, they're Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor. And while you might expect those mountains to inspire painters and photographers, they've also tugged at the heartstrings of the glass blowers at Oregon-based North Drinkwear, which crafts pints and tumblers with detailed 3D peaks hollowed out of their bottoms. Each glass is hand-blown in a two-day, 15-step process that includes pressing in peak topography with metal molds. The overall impression, once a glass is filled with beer or whiskey, is of a crystal mountain resting in an amber sky. Though an Idaho line has yet to appear on the North Drinkware website, we'd guess it's only a matter of time. For now, mountaineers can score glasses featuring peaks in California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming.