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Non-Outing The End Zone


If you're looking for treasonous chestnuts from the mouths of babes, look somewhere else. This week, Heck is all about business.

First: the corrections. The issue after our annual Coldest Beer contest is usually packed with 'em. This year, I have but two. At Todd Stewart Salon in Eagle, a glass of Fat Tire does not cost $3.50, as stated last week. A beer, or a glass of wine or an espresso beverage is complimentary with your haircut. Also, when one of our beer testers referred to The End Zone as a "dude-bar," the writer was not implying that the dudes in said "zone" are more likely to prefer the "ends" of other dudes than any other dudes in any other bar. Dig?

Second: This week's cover story is half of a two-part series. The second half, about soldiers' journal entries, will run next week.

Thirdlinger: Our annual Local Heroes issue will hit the red boxes in early August. As always, we crave readers' nominations for the H-word. If you know of someone whose do-goodery is worth recognizing, shoot me an e-mail at nicholas@boiseweekly.com.

--Nicholas Collias