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Noah Gundersen

The Neurolux, Sept. 24


It's hard to pigeonhole Noah Gundersen into a genre. Gundersen's first few works that propelled him into the national spotlight were gospel-inspired folk music, a fitting rise to fame considering his upbringing on a homestead in Centralia, Washington. He has even been featured on the hit show Sons of Anarchy. Gundersen's fiddle-driven folk turned to rock by his 2017 release, White Noise, a surprising but welcome transition to a new sound. A thoroughfare to Gundersen's discography is his ability to craft catchy hooks and melodies, no matter the style of music. Now, touring on his solo album Lover, Gundersen demonstrates a shift toward synth-heavy pop music. Few artists can tout a discography that makes such a dramatic changes, and successfully so, but Gundersen seems to do so with ease. Each of his works display artistic variability and poetic prowess, with the lyrical sensibilities of a folk artist shining through on each track.

With Lemolo, $15, 8:30 p.m., The Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St.,