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No Skin Like Your Own Skin


These people really hate fur.

They'd have to in order to stand naked in 40-degree fahrenheit temperatures amid rain showers and driving wind on Oct. 18.

Wendy Tracker, Meggan Anderson and Skylar Meyers joined Matt Rice as part of a traveling demonstration by the animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Wearing nothing but body paint, holding bouquets of flowers and standing in coffins behind a strategically placed banner, the trio silently proclaimed their hatred for fur, leather and wool at the corner of Eighth and Main streets in downtown Boise—all while passing motorists and pedestrians did double-takes.

PETA takes it off. - DEANNA DARR

Children stared openly as adults gave self-conscious giggles—a few even snapped pictures with their camera phones.

As he passed out leaflets, Rice said the group is trying to raise awareness of their cause before the busy holiday shopping season. The trip included stops in Reno, Nev. and Spokane, Wash., before the group headed to the East Coast for stops in Philadelphia, Boston and New York City. Rice said he had checked the city codes before beginning the naked protest in an effort to avoid meeting the Boise Police (at least a strip search would have been easy).

We're guessing by the end of the hour-long protest, the blue tint to the women's skin wasn't just a result of the body paint.