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No Shame


My Dear Readers,

It has recently come to my attention that there have been a number of druggings and rapes in Boise. The Boise Police Department contacted me to help get the word out since it is known this affects the LGBTQ community. This is not a problem for just one community, though. This is a problem that has affected many people in many communities. We must not stand for it.

If you feel you have been drugged and/or raped, please consider coming forward and speaking with the Boise Police Department. If you are a victim, please know there is no reason to feel ashamed. I am hoping you will come forward and let the police know who victimized you so that they can get this dangerous person off the streets. I have spoken directly with the investigator on the case, as well as with Natalie Monro, the Boise Police LGBTQ liaison, and they are only interested in stopping more rapes from occurring. If you're worried about getting in trouble for drug-related issues, please know they are not interested in getting anyone in trouble over drugs. Whether or not you decide to come forward, Faces of Hope Victim Center is available to help you get through what has happened to you. Also, please be careful in this world and watch out for each other. Our Boise community is wonderful. Let's keep it that way.

For more information, contact BPD LGBTQ Liason Natalie Monro at 208-577-4445, and visit Faces by following the link above.