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No empty weekends

Yes, that's my real name-o


My summer calendar filled up sometime in mid-April. I've got trips, parties, vacations and lots of work to do. Because my life is so entwined with the Boise Weekly (I live, eat, breathe and excrete the BW), my personal summer fun is often the same. Guess what? You will be reading about it all summer long.

Before I expose myself (figuratively, not literally) to what I'm doing in those rare in-between, non-BW moments, here's what our little camarilla has got planned for you readers:

June 1-Idaho Arts Quarterly; June 6-the Pride Issue; June 15-the Black & White Photography Contest Issue (get your entries in!); July 6-Fourth Annual Coldest Beer in Boise Issue; July 13-Boise Weekly's Bar Mitzvah (We officially turn 13 years old but we still haven't had our bris.) Then sometime in August we have tentative plans to do our annual Local Heroes and an architecture issue.

So what am I going to do in-between, in those rare, private moments? Plenty. As president of BOSCO, I'll be spending quite a bit of time June 2 through 5 helping to coordinate BOSCO's Open Studios Weekend, which includes the reception and weekend studio visits. I'll be taking the spawn with me to other artists' studios to show them there are other people who, like Daddy, hide in their garages and make art.

Then we'll have a couple weekends where we baptise the spawn by floating the Boise River, at Roaring Springs Water Park or perhaps community pools. I'm thinking that the Boise Parks & Recreation's Swim and Skate pass might be perfect to keep the spawn entertained. For just $59 for age 11-and-under ($67 ages 12-18, $84 adults, $172 for a family of five) Boise residents can enjoy any of the city's outdoor pools, which open June 2. Not only that, they can cool off at Idaho IceWorld and skate away their pent-up energy on not one, but two ice rinks.

In mid-June I'll be taking a trip to San Diego for the annual Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Convention. Basically the annual event is just a drink-fest for editors and publishers of America's most liberal newspapers and this year it poses a unique danger-the proximity to Tijauana, Mexico. I'll actually be running for one of the national board of directors at-large seats. What does that mean if I get on the board? Other than a few meetings over the next year, pretty much diddly-squat.

Sometime in early July we're packing the spawn and the dog into our 1971 aluminum Streamliner trailer and heading off for a true American summertime trip-we're going to Yellowstone. Geysers, buffalo, bears and a little flyfishing for Papa Bingo will keep us busy for at least a few days. At only six hours to West Yellowstone, if you haven't taken advantage of Boise's proximity to the wonder's of nature, well, poo-poo on you.

I'm really excited that in late July the spawn are flying down to Texas to see their grandparents. This means my publisher and I will be spawn-free for a few weeks. While we'd love to take the opportunity to enjoy our freedom, we'll be busy with a huge event at Boise Weekly. We are moving BW's office to our new digs at the corner of 6th and Broad Streets. During the summer we'll be remodelling the space (next door to the Venue) and by late July should be moving in. It effectively triples our office space and if you've ever visited our tiny office, you'll know how excited we are to expand. At my first job that I considered a professional position, I had my own office with a door. Now-almost 17 years later-I'll have one again.

After the kids come back spoiled rotten from the grandparents, we'll take them up to the South Fork of the Salmon River where we have a forest ranger cabin rented for the weekend. If you have never rented one of these, ( you need to. But, hurry. They tend to fill up early.

It's the end of August, however, I'm looking forward to most. In the aforementioned Streamliner trailer, I'll be heading down to Burning Man for the second time. I'm preparing for the trip now. I'm going to fix my hair up, perhaps Predator style, work on my godlike physique all summer (right now I look like Buddah, but hopefully I can morph into a chubby Dionysus by Labor Day), fix up the rikshaw and collect wearable art. I think I'm going to try and go with a combination of Kung Fu satin jackets, doctors' scrubs and sarongs.

I've already got my goggles updated with prescription lenses and now I'm working on the art project. I was fascinated last year-some say obsessed-with the dust devils and I plan on interacting with them in a unique way. Since this year's Burning Man art theme is "Psyche: the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious," I plan on exorcising the dust devils of Mother Nature's mind, an ablution by smoke. I'm going to attempt to inject copius amounts of industrial (non-toxic) colored smoke into the dust devils . Imagine pillars of swirling red, blue and green dust marching across the playa. Perhaps I'll add an array of religious vestments to my wardrobe, then I could call my project Holy Smoke, if you will. Anyone got some extra XXL robes?