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No Business Like Snow Business: Your McCall Winter Carnival Shortlist


With the 2019 edition of the McCall Winter Carnival quickly approaching, here are a couple of great resources if you're looking to join this year's fun.

  • Kelsey Hawes

The McCall Chamber of Commerce has a great website to check availability of accommodations, including cabin rentals and local hotels/motels. Check that out at

Ponderosa State Park is a must-stop destination for any McCall visit, and it's doubly spectacular in the winter. Find the details at

Sure, everyone loves to ski Brundage when visiting Valley County, but we also love the McCall Activity Barn, which features some amazing tubing and five kilometers of Nordic trails. Find more at

Finally, you don't often hear one newspaper sing the praises of another, but we love our friends at the McCall Star-News. It's your go-to source for all-things Winter Carnival, and the web address is