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Night of the Living Dead: Grateful Dead Tribute Band

Oct. 31, Visual Arts Collective


Some cultural elements become such a big part of our collective consciousness it's almost as if they've seeped into our DNA. Case in point: The Grateful Dead. Since it was founded in the mid-'60s, the California band has influenced countless artists with its laid back, multifaceted mix of folk, rock, blues, country, bluegrass and psychedelic music; its loyal fanbase; and its road-warrior touring style.

The Dead's influence can be seen locally with "Boise's own Grateful Dead tribute band," which is comprised of longtime local music scenesters Bernie Reilly, Sean Hatton, Jon Englund, Daniel Blumenfeld, Louis McFarland and Todd Chavez. They'll celebrate 50 years of the iconic band on Saturday, Oct. 31, at Visual Arts Collective with their Night of the Living Dead jam. Costumes encouraged.