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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist


Their playlist may go on for eternity, but the runtime of Nick and Norah's movie quits after about 90 minutes. Heck, thirty of those minutes—the final 30 if you're curious—are even enjoyable.

On a random night in New York City, geeky teen Nick (Michael Cera, Juno) runs into social misfit Norah (Kat Dennings, The 40 Year Old Virgin), a school friend of his recent ex, and the pair spend the evening trying to track down a friend and locate their favorite band's mystery venue. If only their former flames would quit interfering, the two might find a blooming romance with each other.

As I said, the first hour's a little uninspiring. Cera's got the uber-awkward persona down pat after his turns in Juno and Superbad, and he's cutely funny here. But most of the rest of the characters seems annoyingly trite and static.

The chemistry between our young protagonists takes a while to develop, but I believe that was probably intentional. At about the two-thirds mark, Dennings becomes more likeable, sparks begin to fly and the two lovesick nerds are a lot more fun to watch.

I made note that during a few scenes, Nick and Norah reminded me of MTV's new soap operatic reality show The City, but without the faux-drama or any semblance of realism.

If you can make it through the first hour, which would be easier if you are a teen, then the last half hour is pretty sweet and cute. If you're impatient or really old, then you probably shouldn't even bother trying.

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