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Newly Revised


Revision Brewing is the new venture of Jeremy Warren, founder of Sparks, Nev.-based Knee Deep Brewing, and fellow Knee Deep brewer, Jeb Taylor. With that pedigree, it's not surprising the duo is exploring hop-dominated ales, and three of their year-round offerings recently arrived in the Treasure Valley. They are all sold in 22-ounce bombers, have progressively higher hops and more alcohol—6.5, 9.1 and a dangerous 11.3 percent by volume respectively—and they are all highly recommended.

Revision IPA: Re-imagined India Pale Ale, $6.99-$8.49

A thick head covers this crystal-clear, honey-gold brew, then collapses slowly leaving a porous lacing. Smooth hop aromas dominate the nose, backed by slightly sour notes of grain and mineral. This is a well-balanced ale with a solid hop core rounded out by creamy malt. The finish is fresh and dry, offering touches of orange and mineral.

Revision What What, Dubious Double IPA, $7.99-$9.49

This IPA has the same honey-gold pour topped by an even thicker head with less staying. Earthy, pine-laced hops lead off on the nose colored by a bit of citrus. There are slightly amped up hops on the palate, but the bitterness is restrained, coming through mostly on the finish. The flavors are a rich mix of orange, grapefruit and sweet bread.

Revision Dr. Lupulin Diabolical 3X IPA, $9.99-$11.99

Like the others, this pours a bright honey-gold with a reasonably dense froth that fades fast, leaving a nice lacing. The sweet citrus and resiny hops on the nose are surprisingly subtle. Despite its triple IPA moniker, the hops, while big in flavor, have their bitterness kept in check by sweet grapefruit and malt. The finish lingers with a spicy booziness.