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Newly Opened - Barbacoa Lunch - Basque Classes


News of New

It's been a month since the last installment of Food News, and things in the restaurant biz have not been completely dismal during that time. For now, at least, it seems like the blood letting has stopped and the restaurant closure epidemic has—dare I say?—ended. Not only are doors staying open, but new ones are being propped open for the first time.

Here's a short list of what's new and interesting on the food front:

• Le Coq Rouge, 1320 S. Maple Grove Road, 208-639-8181. What was perhaps Boise Towne Square's only saving grace, Bacquet's little European hideaway, has uprooted and become this European bistro.

• Idaho Fry Company, 111 Broadway Ave., Ste. 111, 208-495-3858, The place where fries are the local, handmade main event and burgers come on the side (in natural, free range meat, as well as vegan, options).

• Alibaba, 111 Broadway Ave., 208-343-4536. Right next door to Idaho Fry Company, if papas fritas don't do it for you, Alibaba is authentic Arabic food for thought.

• Gandolfo's Deli, 401 S. Eighth St., 208-338-7827, It's not exactly your local corner deli (and the jury is still out on whether New Yorkers can support a menu with both Yankee and Mets references), but it brings new options and giant sandwiches to the heart of BoDo.

Lakeside Lunching

Starting Monday, May 4, Barbacoa will take a stab at lunch, proving the management knows that long, lakeside patio lunches are just what some languorous Boiseans want out of a summer afternoon. The lunch menu detours from the impressive meat displays the Coa is known for to offer a modest salad-and-sandwich-based menu with lighter fare more suited to hot and heavy weather. It is, however, a menu that's all over the board, from a fiesta toastada salad to a monte cristo to fish and chips.

Barbacoa, 276 Bobwhite Court, 208-338-5000,

Free Food for Real

All that last-minute number crunching got you starving and feeling broke? Get a free taco. It's not as easy as swinging through the drive-thru for free grub on your way back from the tax man; you'll need to plan ahead. Taco Del Mar will e-mail you a free Taco 1099 coupon when you visit It took me all of 10 seconds to click "gimme a taco" and "don't gimme more junk mail" and then another five seconds passed before my inbox chimed with the arrival of my coupon. The offer is only good on Wednesday, April 15, so if you're not picking up your BW until Thursday, you're out of luck.

Your Big Fat Basque Dinner Party

Go Basque the next time you entertain after you ace the next two classes at Basque Market. This Thursday, April 16, learn to make traditional Spanish tortilla patatas. (Don't get your south-of-the-border-style tortilla mixed up with your across-the-Atlantic-pond-style tortilla. The Spanish tortilla is more like a slice of egg pie sans crust.) Then on Thursday, April 30, learn how to make your main course, as well as your beverage, in a class on paella and sangria.

Classes start at 6 p.m., $30 per person, Basque Market, 608 W. Grove St., Boise, 208-433-1208,