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New Mid-Sized Concert Venue to Open in Garden City

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Former Big Easy owner Creston Thornton--who has recently been booking shows at Eagle River Pavilion--announced he'll be opening a new, mid-sized concert venue. The 2,200-capacity space can house acts too big for venues like the 999-capacity Knitting Factory but not quite big enough for stadiums like Taco Bell Arena.

"It's the biggest open-floor concert house in the Northwest, at 2,200 capacity," said Thornton.

Revolution Concert House and Event Center will be located at 4983 Glenwood St. at Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, across from Expo Idaho. Thornton imagines that the space will house everything from concerts and weddings to MMA fights.

"The way we're designing it is it's fully multi-functional, multi-dimensional to be able to do anything as an events center," said Thornton. "We can set it up for 1,000 capacity, 1,500 capacity, 2,200 capacity."

The venue will feature a 40-foot by 32-foot full stage, which will be 5-feet tall for prime viewing from everywhere in the room. There will also be a multi-functional VIP platform that can be moved around for different events. And in a too-good-to-be-true partnership, Revolution will serve the locally crafted American Revolution vodka.

"There's a lot of shows right now that, just because of the economy and the downturn, they used to sell 5,000-6,000 tickets, they're now playing a lot of these 2,000- to 3,000-seat rooms," said Thornton. "We really feel that this is the perfect size to not have half an empty venue."

Thornton hopes to attract acts like My Morning Jacket, which haven't been playing Boise because it has lacked an adequately sized venue.

"This size room could absolutely fill the void where a Tori Amos could play or a Chris Isaak, where they're kind of an in-between player, between a 1,000-seater and a 5,000-seater," said Thornton.

In addition, the stage can be altered to provide a platform for DJ acts.

"I think we're really missing the big dance craze that's going on right now with a lot of these big DJs like Tiesto and Skrillex, Bassnectar," said Thornton. "There's no place for that dance night to happen."

Thornton explained that the location is ideally situated--four miles from downtown Boise, three miles to Eagle and three miles to Meridian--to cater to a large portion of the Treasure Valley community. Not to mention, there's plenty of available surface parking--700 spaces.

"This size venue has been missing for a while. ... I think this is the right size for the right city."