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New Local Act

West of Eerie is young Adam Gates on guitar and vocals, sweet Pollyanna Hawthorne on bass and vocals, and shy Andy Davis on drums. I met Pollyanna at the Sasquatch Festival this year and she told me that she and the rest of the band have been working hard on West of Eerie.

After a name change or two (one was Cellar Door) West of Eerie is ready to become part of the local music scene. Their sound is kind of raw (which could be due to the low-production value of the songs on their site) with melancholy melodies over distorted guitar. They have an alt/indie sound that echoes late '60s rock--for some reason, the Mamas and Papas come to mind. Their music is charming and I'm definitely curious to see them live, which I (and you) will have the opportunity to do soon.

July 20, 9 p.m., $2, opening for El Boxeo, The Bouquet, 1010 Main St., and July 29, 9 p.m., $3, opening for Southerly, Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St.

gone but not forgotten

Earlier this month, Johnny Cash's America V: A Hundred Highways debuted at number one on both the Billboard Top 200 chart and the Top Country Album chart. This is the first time one of Cash's albums ever debuted at number one.

And a One, and a Two ...

Sparta's new release Threes is scheduled to hit shelves in October. Sparta--a band I am particularly fond of--will play several dates showcasing some of the new songs, most notably at the Troubador in Los Angeles on July 29, at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 6, and at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival on September 6. You can hear the debut single "Taking Back Control" at or

If it's a beating you want ...

On July 25, SideOneDummy records releases Whiskey on a Sunday, a new feature-length DVD and album featuring 10 new recordings by the seven-piece punk/rock band Flogging Molly. Whiskey is a two-disc set that includes acoustic recordings, hours of footage shot in seven countries over the course of two years and "Laura" (a previously unreleased studio recording) all from FM's 2004 Within A Mile of Home tour and recording sessions. For more information, check out and

--Amy Atkins