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New Flavors Of Marshmallow Peeps


Depending on how you feel about stuffing your mouth with a ball of sugar, the news that there are several new flavors of Peeps this Easter will either send you running to the limited number of retailers selling the signature Peeps or trigger an episode of marshmallow madness.

The history of Peeps dates back to the 1950s, when Pennsylvania-based Just Born began pushing out masses of marshmallow chicks. The traditional colors were pink, white and yellow, with new flavors like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate following years later. This Easter, Peeps is adding several new flavors: fruit punch, sour cherry, sour watermelon, party cake, pancake and syrup (sold exclusively at the Kroger family of stores) and Neapolitan chicks, filled with chocolate and strawberry (sold only at Target). Plus, Walmart is selling three different packages of what it calls "mystery" flavored peeps. The general consensus on social media is that mystery No. 1 is root beer, No. 2 is lemon-lime and No. 3 is raspberry.