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New Dust Jewelry Will Put Hair on Your Chest

Unique designs add some cool-yet-grotesque flair


Ever spied a robust specimen of chest hair peaking from beneath a button-down shirt—most likely with a gold chain tangled in its curly web—and thought, "Wow, that looks cool, in a sort of 1970s way"? Or maybe you're looking for accoutrements to shock and intrigue. Well, jewelry designer Hayden Dunham has created a line of jewelry that will put hair on your chest. Literally.

Dunham's New Dust jewelry combines plastic, wool, leather (which, according to a Vice Style, comes from the scrap pile of her leather-vest-making brother), and human hair. Yep. The hair comes from "a sacred place in India," Dunham said in Vice.

The idea behind the designs is more art-school than most jewelry makers. According to her website, the pieces "investigate the relationship between the natural world within an imagined future and that of an imagined past."

The result: a very cutting edge, pretty and sort of disgusting accessory. The designs are only sold in Paris and New York, but they're worth taking a gander at via the Web, or picking one up if you're traveling. After all, who wouldn't love a necklace you can crimp, curl, wash and braid?