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New Brews

A look at seven local breweries slated to open soon


Blackbird Brewing Co.

This medium-scale start-up nano brewery will feature a taproom serving flagship beers along with rotating seasonals.

Location: "I think that we're probably going to be in Garden City with everyone else," said owner Shane Gibbs.

Projected Opening: "We're hoping to be up-and-running about mid-year [summer 2014] if everything goes 100 percent rainbows and unicorns and pots-o-gold," said Gibbs.

Size: Approximately 1,200 square feet

Capacity: "We raised $20,000 [on Kickstarter]. ... It's just a little 2.5-barrel brewing system, but we're thinking about buying some three-barrel kettles for it," said Gibbs.

Beers: Hoppiness the Destroyer IPA, Coco-Nilla Cream Ale, Carnes Kilt Lifter Irish Double Red

Bogus Brewing

A community-owned microbrewery that offers CSB memberships--like a CSA with beer--and an incubation program for aspiring brewers. 521 W. Broad St., Boise,

Projected Opening: Spring 2014

Size: Almost 4,000 square feet

Capacity: "We've got a 15-barrel brewhouse with an over-sized mash tun so that we'll be able to make some of those bigger beers," Bogus explained on its website.

Beers: Hip Check IPA, Down-Down Extra Pale Ale, Hard Guy Saison

Cloud 9 Brewery

"We're an organic brewery so we'll focus on organic, local and sustainable and in-season ingredients," said co-owner Maggie Lake. 1750 W. State St., Boise,

Projected Opening: "If everything goes smoothly--so far it hasn't, but maybe it all will--it would be like 13 weeks, but probably somewhere between 10-20 weeks," said Lake. "It could be January."

Size: The 1,413-square-foot North End space will feature a small restaurant serving upscale gastropub grub with indoor seating for approximately 25, along with patio seating.

Capacity: Four-barrel system

Beers: Northwest Red, Salted Caramel Stout, Bourbon Oak Stock Ale, Chocolat Bar Porter

County Line Brewing

This brewery will boast a taproom with a commitment to college sports. "My wife [Laura] is from Eugene but we're both Boise State graduates," said co-owner Zack Kiehl.

Location: Somewhere near Eagle.

Projected Opening: "Originally, it was supposed to be February 2014, but I'm thinking it'll probably be closer to the beginning part of summer," said Kiehl.

Size: "We're looking for right around a 1,200- to 1,400-square-foot space, but because I've yet to sign a lease, my competitive side doesn't want to let the cat out of the bag as far as where that's going to be," said Kiehl.

Capacity: Seven-barrel system

Beers: Bridging the Gap Blonde Ale, Mexican Mocha Porter, Barnwood Brown Ale, City Slicker Lemon Basil Blonde

Edge Brewing Co.

"One of the things that we want to do is basically create a venue for all of these other brewers to basically come in and brew small batch--20 gallons at a time--and be able to put their beer on tap, independent of what we're doing as a production brewery," said president and co-owner Marcus Bezuhly. Edge hired former TableRock head brewer Kerry Caldwell to run the brewery and will feature a family friendly restaurant. 525 N. Steelhead Way, Boise,

Projected Opening: Bezuhly said the first Edge beers will roll out in December, with a plan to go valley-wide by January 2014. "Our grand opening is scheduled for March 14, 2014, [St. Patrick's Day]," he said.

Size: 17,000 square feet total, with a 7,000-square-foot brewery and 20 taps

Beers: "We didn't come into this going, 'These are the beers we're gonna brew.' We're ... putting the infrastructure together and really letting the beer take care of itself," he said.

Capacity: "It's a 15-barrel boil kettle, but everything else is oversized. We have a 20-barrel mash tun and a 25-barrel hot liquor tank so that we can do double batches and bigger beers," said Bezuhly.

Haff Brewing Company

"The big thing for us is we want to do a lot of fun, cool, different beer. We want to be green and conscious, so all of our grain is going to go to farmers. Over time, we would like to get solar power so we're actually feeding into the grid when we're not brewing," said owner Brian Haff.

Location: Downtown Meridian

Projected Opening: Spring 2014. "We hope to be in front of investors by the beginning of next month ... then it's a three- to four-month process after that getting equipment and getting licensed," said Haff.

Size: Approximately 1,000 square feet in downtown Meridian. "Whether our brewhouse is attached to it or if we have to brew in the industrial zone in Meridian and just transport the beer to the bar," said Haff.

Capacity: Electric five-barrel system

Beers: Staff Sgt. Haff IPA, McCallywood Porter, Kumquat Saison, Mint Chocolate Stout

Woodland Empire Ale Craft

This brewery will use 95 percent Idaho-grown ingredients, including wheat, spelt and hops, and is also seeking organic certification. Its tasting room will have a warm, vintage vibe with old couches, lots of plants and mural work by artist Beau Van Greener. 1114 W. Front St., Boise,

Projected Opening: "We still have Nov. 18 scheduled as our final inspection so we should be brewing right around that time," said Woodland Empire's Rob Landerman, adding that beer should be to the public by the first or second week of December.

Size: Approximately 7,000 square feet of brewery space and 2,000 square feet of tasting room and office space.

Capacity: 15-barrel system

Beers: Rabbit Fighter Extremely Special Bitter, City of Trees IPA, Beard of Stars Burleywine, Beast Moans Cherrywood-Smoked Imperial Stout with local cherries