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New Art Exhibition Aims for Cute and Creepy

Friday, June 3, at Visual Arts Collective


Like that gushy, borderline stalker note you stuffed in your crush's locker in sixth grade, the line between cute and creepy can be regrettably thin. Take the recent unfortunate cupcake-topping trend: life-like gumpaste babies. Nothing triggers a gag reflex--or a deluge of dead baby jokes--like popping a fleshy pink edible newborn in your mouth. Then there's the pun-filled Photoshop blog, which masterfully morphs celebrity faces into realistic, totally creepy starches and sweets. Pumper-Nickelback, Oreoprah, Madonut and Gwar-lic bread are all breadfully awesome.

Continuing along this trajectory, local artists Julia Green and Rick Walter have collaborated on a new exhibit, aptly titled The Cute and Creepy Show: The Work of Julia Green and Rick Walter. The exhibit will showcase Green's whimsical, fairy tale-esque pieces alongside Walter's darker, sometimes creepy pop surrealist work. The show opens on Friday, June 3, at 7 p.m. at Visual Arts Collective and runs through July 31.

Here are some words of advice from Green on the show's Facebook page: "All of you going to The Cute and Creepy Show: The Work of Julia Green and Rick Walter better save around $25 (at least) and buy some artwork because I am going to have almost 100 pieces in the show."