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New Arrivals at Netflix


With the holidays done, boxed up and put back in the attic for another year, there is time again for mindless diversions. To wit, movies. To double wit, Netflix streaming movies.

Netflix is constantly adding new arrivals for instant watching, and while they may not be brand-new releases, they might be new to you.

The Human Centipede (2009) is now available for streaming. This torture tale from Dutch director Tom Six is about a sadistic doctor who creates the titular character out of three lost travelers by sewing them together. The tagline for this one includes: "100 percent medically accurate." Ick.

On a lighter note, Netflix has also recently added some classics including Bob Hope's 1951 turn as Peanuts White in the mistaken-identity comedy My Favorite Spy. You can also see John Wayne star as a Kentucky rifleman who falls in love with a French ex-patriate in the 1949 The Fighting Kentuckian.

Or come full circle with a woman who has been performing since the early '60s and has had more plastic surgeries than a centipede has socks: Joan Rivers. The acclaimed 2010 documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is an "uncompromising glimpse" at a woman who not only changed her own face, but changed the face of comedy.