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New and Improved Bar and Restaurant Guide, Plus Change is Afoot

Your guide to grub in Boise and much, much more


The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus obviously thought he was on to something with his immortal phrase, "the only constant is change." Translations of his work contain more than a dozen variations on that theme, which is awfully meta if you really think about it: Even his own assertion about the constancy of change was changeable.

Well, there's plenty of change in this week's edition of Boise Weekly.

Inside you'll find our lovely full-color, glossy 2015 Bar and Restaurant Guide, which we've substantially changed from previous years' iterations. Inside you'll find a countdown—in no particular order—of 50 things we think make the Treasure Valley's food scene unique. Thanks go to BW roving food writer Tara Morgan for her top-50 concept, writing and editing contributions; BW Art Director Kelsey Hawes for her stellar design work; and BW Associate Editor Amy Atkins for her tireless editing.

Related to change, BW News Editor George Prentice profiles the growing controversy surrounding a sweeping expansion plan fronted by St. Luke's Boise Medical Center, which would dramatically alter portions of Boise's East End neighborhood.

Finally, in what is no doubt going to ruffle the most feathers, we bring a story that readers won't find anywhere else: Hyde Park's transformation from a sleepy North End neighborhood into an urban shopping district.

As Boise continues with a historic building boom, it seems clear that development and redevelopment will not be confined to urban infill or previously underused properties on the fringes of the city's growing suburban footprint. Now, it seems, even long-established areas like Hyde Park must reckon with the present surge in building density.

It's a story that only BW could tell and one we hope our readers will agree has to be seen to be believed.