NERDVANA: Rave of Thrones

Friday, Aug. 19


What Game of Thrones character Hodor lacked in words, the hulking stable boy-turned-mode of Bransportation made up for with strength and bravery. If you were among the millions who wept (spoiler alert) when the gentle giant met his end last season, get ready to weep for joy: Kristian Nairn, the Irish actor and acclaimed DJ who portrayed him, will be at the Nampa Civic Center for Rave of Thrones—a five-and-a-half-hour, 18-and-older dance party promising "a sensory tingling audio visual experience" alongside a raft of fellow DJs. Go in costume and get $5 off the $30 (hold the) door price. Bonus: The event kicks off NCC's inaugural Nerdfest, with details to be released at the show. You don't need a three-eyed raven to know it's going to be, as Hodor might say, "Hodor."