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Neo-Nazis, Green Jello and Stolen Space Operas

All the Noisy News that's Fit to Hear


First rule of Duck Club is that everybody should talk about Duck Club. And the team behind Treefort Music Fest makes that easy enough by taking a cue from Bonnie Raitt and giving 'em something to talk about.

Recently announced talkworthy shows include Mr. Gnome at Red Room Thursday, Nov. 1, with Finn Riggins and The Gunfighters opening. Talkdemonic plays the next night at Visual Arts Collective, with Mwahaha and Le Fleur opening. And then there's the one-two punch of Typhoon and Laura Gibson Wednesday, Nov. 7, at Visual Arts Collective. Local up-and-comers for that show are still to be announced.

Tickets for all those shows are available via and cost $10 for Mr. Gnome, $10 for Laura Gibson and Typhoon and $8 for Talkdemonic.

Also recently announced for Boise is a decidedly lamer event: the white supremacist music festival Hammerfest.

The roving annual gathering will go down at an undisclosed location in Boise Saturday, Oct. 6, and feature the finest in hate rock from bands whose lyrics are the only thing stupider than their names. For info about exactly where the show is, you have to be a vetted bonehead or in the FBI.

Moving to science fiction news, E! reported that British arena-rockers Muse are being sued for $3.5 million by one Charles Bolfrass, who claims that the band's 2009 album, The Resistance, was ripped from a rock opera concept called Exogenesis that he pitched the band in 2005. The album features a three-part symphony called Exogenesis, but the band issued a statement calling the claims bollocks.

And finally, bringing it back to Boise from outer space, the organizers of the Evil Wine Carnival have announced that the punk shenaniganfest will be headlined Saturday, Sept. 29, by some of the sweetest shenanipunks to ever walk the Earth: Green Jelly/o. The Hollywood, Calif.-based band made a name for itself with songs like "Three Little Pigs," "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" and "Electric Harley-House of Love," as well as for its over-the-top live shows, which include dozens of life-sized puppets and costumes. Considering how long it has been since the band toured, the show is, to quote Ron Burgundy: "Kind of a big deal."

Tickets for the Evil Wine Carnival--which will also feature dozens of local bands and more general weirdness--are $15 at the door, or $18 from Record Exchange for an all-weekend pass.