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Nekromantix Returns to Boise

Saturday, June 15 at Red Room


The threads between rockabilly and schlocky horror date back to the '50s, when both were inseparably intertwined in American youth culture. But the combo may be best exemplified by Danish rockabilly legends Nekromantix, a band that actually started with a coffin.

Frontman Kim Nekroman used a child-sized coffin as the body of a standup bass that he built himself when the band formed in Copenhagen in the late-'80s. The coffin-bass became a centerpiece of the band's horror-themed songs and images, birthing albums like Return of the Loving Dead, Dead Girls Don't Cry and the band's latest, What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell.

When Nekromantix returns to Boise this week, it will be a rare chance to see rock 'n' roll giants on a small stage. Don't miss it.

With The Silver Shine and Demoni. 8 p.m., $12 adv., $14 doors. Red Room, 1519 W. Main St.,

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