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Neighborhood Narcs Help Cops Bust Two Drug Houses


Eagle-eyed neighbors grew suspicious. They relayed those suspicions to their Boise Police Department Neighborhood Contact Officers. Investigations ensued.

On Oct. 20, police raided a residence on the 1400 block of Rand Street. According to reports, officers recovered 1 gram of meth and 144 grams of marijuana, along with packaging materials, scales and paraphernalia. They arrested a 40-year-old Boise man, suspecting delivery of a controlled substance, a felony.

Then on Oct. 22, a second citizen tip led police to a house on the 4300 block of West Clark. There, officers allegedly found 1.5 ounces of marijuana and the obligatory scales, packaging materials and paraphernalia.

One resident--a 25-year-old male--was arrested on a felony intent-to-deliver charge, as well as a misdemeanor for paraphernalia possession. Cops also slapped two others in the house--a 24-year-old resident and his 53-year-old mother--with misdemeanor paraphernalia charges. At least the 24-year-old won't have to explain his arrest to his mother.